Warrior of the Squeak (FREE Squirrel Avatar for VRChat, ChilloutVR, VRM)

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squeak squeak

This mad Squirrel is on a quest to fight against non-alcoholic beer and bad framerates!

Setup for VRChat (PC, Quest, Fallback), ChilloutVR and VRM.

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This avatar base is free! Any support is appreciated!

If you choose to support this with $12 or more, as a thank-you you'll get a collar asset set-up and ready to use.


  • Male and Female variants
  • Two easy to recolor and edit textures (one made by me, and one made by Astralmimi!)
  • Facial Tracking (According to Unified Expressions. The VRChat setup is based on VRCFT Templates.)
  • Puppet controls for the Tail, Ears, Tongue, Toes and Eyes
  • A grabbable Sword (PC only)
  • Twist bones for more naturally behaving joints
  • Blendshapes for form adjustments like thin, strong, thicc, ...
  • Quest & Fallback versions for VRChat (with limited features)
  • VRChat performance ranking: PC - Medium | Quest - Medium (Poor with the supporter asset)


  • You must have the ability and knowledge to upload avatars to either VRChat (SDK 3), ChilloutVR (CCK3) or any other application you intend to use this with.
  • Ownership of Dynamic Bones if you want to use the ChilloutVR setup.


All content in the free tier is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

All other content is for personal use only.

Streaming, V-Tubing, Online Videos and such, even if advertisement supported or a timed exclusive for up to a month and comparable uses, do not count as commercial use.

If you redistribute this work, or a modification of this work, you must include the above notice!

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in commercial licensing.

I want this!


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Warrior of the Squeak (FREE Squirrel Avatar for VRChat, ChilloutVR, VRM)

23 ratings
I want this!